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Antique Bathroom Vanities

Antique Bathroom Vanities come in many period styles including Victorian, Early American and French influences. There is a wonderful elegance and charm in the rustic look that these beautiful antique vanity reproductions have. Clearly, the quality craftsmanship that today's manufacturers offer is a key selling feature. You'll appreciate the many types of hardwood used in the construction of today's antique bathroom vanities including oak, mahogany, birch and pine.

Antique bathroom vanities are often styled with gentle curves and feature exceptional detail. These "antique style" vanities are notably European in influence. For straighter wood lines, you'll appreciate the simpler Shaker bathroom furniture originally found in the rural areas of early America.

There is no doubt that these timeless looking antique bathroom vanities add a richness to any home. Although these vanities appear old, remember that they are only replications of old-looking bathroom furniture. In fact, they are built to the sturdy standards and requirements of modern day use.

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