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Bathroom Countertops

Wood, laminated marble, granite... no matter what you're bathroom decor, Bathroom and Vanities has every type of bathroom countertop you're looking for!

Bathroom countertops are all about appearance. Since we're not using this countertop for slicing and dicing, shape, style and design are wide open options. By selecting a particular material, you begin to set the general look of the bathroom.

Some of your choices include:

Stainless steel bathroom countertops are beautiful for a contemporary bathroom look, AND ARE EASY TO MAINTAIN.

a glass bathroom countertop is also a fabulous choice for a modern bathroom. Harder to keep clean and somewhat costly as the thickness of the glass increases. Consider glass tiles as an alternative.

Granite countertops are one of the most durable materials and are long lasting, stain-resistant as well as beautiful. Of all the natural stone materials, it is the easiest to care for. Granite countertops can be expensive but are worth the price when looking for elegance. To save some money, consider buying granite tiles.

The beauty of quartz is that in the manufacturing process, it can recreate the look of a limestone countertop, granite or marble countertop. Not only is it a great imitator, but it's more scratch and stain resistant.

Once upon a time tile countertops, though very popular, were a source of aggravation because of the constant need to need to clean the grout. Thankfully, today's newer countertop tiles are being manufactured in larger sizes which eliminates the need for so many grout lines.

Today's porcelain tiles are stronger than granite and far less expensive, and with the many designs available, tile countertops are once again a favorite choice. Tiles also work well with other materials such as glass or concrete.  To limit the dirty appearance of grouting, use a colored grout that doesn't show the dirt. As for cleaning, regular household detergent is the best way to go.

Solid Surface Bathroom Countertops

Sometimes it is indistinguishable from the material it imitates, and solid surface countertops can really look like natural stone. Solid surface is very popular as a bathroom countertop option. Better known as its brand name like Corian or Staron, this synthetic product is easy to care for and can be molded to almost any design spec. This is a great product to use if you're concerned about mold or mildew. Because it is a nonporous surface, mold and the like rarely grow.

Take a moment to get some inspiration from these excellent bathroom design ideas. From small bathroom ideas to bathroom spas, youèll enjoy the many ways to decorate your bathroom.

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