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We carry the best names for quality bathroom products. Kohler, American Standard, Fairmont and others. Our selection of bathroom vanity cabinets come in many styles. Browse through our selection of contemporary bath vanities, modern vanities and antique bathroom vanities where you'll find the perfect item for your home.

As you look through our online catalogue of products you'll also find many bathroom vanities that have been reviewed by other customers. This will help you in making the right decision about the pros and cons of the different bathroom cabinets available.

Check out our featured bathroom vanities that are specially priced. These limited-time specials offer big savings and should not be missed!

Not too sure on what to look for in a bathroom vanity? Click here for information on "How To Buy A Bathroom Vanity.

Planning a do-it-yourself-project? You'll benefit from our video: "How To Install a Vanity and Sink".

How To Buy A Bathroom Vanity

By following some simple tips, you can turn a simple looking bathroom into one that won't embarrass you when guests visit. This change can be achieved by selecting a bathroom vanity that is striking in appearance and practical in function.

Step 1.

Measurement is key. Take the time to measure the space available bearing in mind that you don't want to fill the space so much that little room is left to move or contrarily buy a bathroom vanity that is too small. Your choice will be determined by which room your bathroom is in.
If you select a vanity that is going to be in a master bathroom you should consider a vanity with plenty of storage space and sufficient counter space. (Mornings become so much easier then).
Some bathrooms are secondary and might be used mostly by guests staying over or children. In this situation, storage may not be your first concern. In a powder room, little storage is required and you should concentrate on style.

Step 2.

Choosing a style. The bathroom offers a good opportunity to try a different style of bathroom furniture since you don't have to match it to other home furniture pieces. In fact, you can go for a total change in look. If your home is traditional looking, spice things up with a modern looking bathroom vanity. Do you long for the days of old? Consider the beautiful look of antique bathroom vanities. Here is your chance to experiment and add a different flavor to your home decor.

Step 3.

Single Sink? Double sink? Vessel sinks? Each option has its benefits and should be carefully considered when making a purchase.
If having a double sink will make things move more quickly in the morning - then go for it! Like the gorgeous look of vessel sinks. Great, but note that they may be more appropriate in the guest bathroom. They are less functional for shaving, know.

Step 4

Choosing the right material is really a matter of taste. You'll find that wood is very popular offering many types of finishes in endless hues of colors. Bathroom Countertops come in many types of stone with granite coming in as the most popular. There are also glass countertops mostly found in a modern bathroom setting.

Step 5

Bathroom Faucets
You may love the bathroom vanity but not the faucet design. Don't be alarmed and don't sacrifice the deal. Bathroom faucets can be changed to meet your preference. There are faucets galore, so don't feel cornered into buying your favorite bathroom vanity.

Take a moment to get some inspiration from these excellent bathroom design ideas. From small bathroom ideas to bathroom spas, youèll enjoy the many ways to decorate your bathroom.

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