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Floor Heating

How To Warm A Cold Bathroom Floor.

Nothing can be more effective in triggering a mood swing than planting your feet on a cold bathroom floor after a mind and body-soothing bath or shower! It is definitely a comfort killer. To remedy a cold bathroom floor, nothing works quite as well as floor heating.

You can make your cold bathroom floor a thing of the past by having electric floor heating installed underneath the bathroom tiles. A great benefit, is that this is radiant heat which also ends up warming the entire bathroom.

While many are acquainted with hydronic floor heaters that use hot water running through plastic tubing, the trend is shifting to the more simpler installation of electric floor heating units. These work much like an electric blanket only under the bathroom tiles and use their own independent thermostat.

Ceramic and stone tiles are particularly popular but are materials that are cold by nature - all the more reason to consider electric floor heating as a cost-effective option to create a warm and luxurious bathroom atmosphere.

You can find bathroom floor heaters ranging from $400 to $800, and more, depending on the size of your bathroom.

To add a greater sense of warmth, choose warm-colored floors tiles if your project is already one of renovation. Since floor and wall tiles as well as porcelain fixtures can have a coolness factor, you may want to consider the more warmer tile and paint colors when constructing or renovating you bathroom.

By being more conscientious of the colors you choose, you can significantly create a more calm and soothing environment. After all, colors can greatly affect the human psyche and mood. By knowing which colors make you feel more relaxed, you can begin to develop a bathroom decor plan that takes its cues from your base color choice.

This doesn't mean you can't have bright and energetic colors. In fact you can accent your base color choice with more lively colors to balance your bathroom's ambiance and keep it from bordering on the drab side.

Yes, warming a bathroom requires both physical and mental adjustments, but the rewards are truly plenty. Peace and comfort of mind body and soul!

Take a moment to get some inspiration from these excellent bathroom design ideas. From small bathroom ideas to bathroom spas, youèll enjoy the many ways to decorate your bathroom.

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