Small Bathroom Ideas


Small Bathroom Ideas

Small Bathrooms may truly be small, but they don't have to LOOK small. In this article I discuss the best ways to make a bathroom seem bigger. All it takes is some careful planning, and knowing what is available in the marketplace to help you with your small bathroom renovation or update.

We live in a world where daily advances in technology have allowed mankind to conjure up the most wonderful inventions and the latest and greatest of every possible product to please the needs and desires of people throughout the world. One area that has seen inspiring changes, is the bathroom.

With apartment and condo living heading for an upturn (blame the huge Boomer generation) small bathroom ideas have evolved to take maximum advantage of every inch as a way to make a bathroom seem bigger. Let's start with bathtubs.

To make your small bathroom seem bigger, consider corner whirlpool bathtubs. This is indeed a space-saver when you integrate a shower kit. By adding a ceiling track over the bathtub area, you can enclose the bathtub with a shower curtain and use a wall-mounted shower head connected with a bi-valve to switch the water flow from the bathtub to the shower head.

In the sink department, consider wall mounted bathroom sinks or pedestal sinks with a generous rim to use for temporarily supporting a cup, toothbrush, soap dispenser or razor as you go about your bathroom routines. The rest of the time, many accessories can be stored in a medicine cabinet, on a shelf or a small bathroom vanity. The nice thing about a pedestal sink or wall-mounted sink is the empty space below - another great way to make a bathroom seem bigger.

The general idea is to avoid clutter. This means using compact products arranged in such a way as to make the bathroom area breath. Yes, full sized bathroom vanities may indeed look beautiful, but they can end up further cramping a small bathroom space. Remember, that a bathroom is at times the only place you can escape to for a short while to de-stress, so it makes sense to create an ambiance that will please and nurture both the mind and body.

Other bathtub choices include walk-in bathtubs that are smaller in length but much higher. The walk-in bathtub is entered through a door that seals shut keeping the water in and allowing you to sit on a comfortable bench as you cleanse or simply soak. Walk-in bathtubs are another way to make a bathroom seem bigger because they are more vertical in size and take up less floor space.

Worried about toilets cramping your space? Today's choices offer up small toilets to make the most of limited bathroom space. Speaking of vertical, think of free-standing vertical bathroom linen cabinets to store your linens and bathroom accessories. Again, by building upwards, you increase the amount of floor space that is visible thereby making your bathroom seem bigger than it is.

Another great idea is to use bathroom mirrors. Forget the smoke, but do consider a full size mirror or two to trick the eye into believing that your walls go on forever. And to help out even more, use colors to make the room airy. By choosing lighter colors, you brighten up your space - again creating another way to make a bathroom seem bigger. Throw in a tall, strategically placed plant and give more height to your bathroom.

You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make a bathroom seem bigger just by using the right bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, furniture and accessories.

Take a moment to get some inspiration from these excellent bathroom design ideas. From small bathroom ideas to bathroom spas, youèll enjoy the many ways to decorate your bathroom.

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