Small Toilets - Training Potties


Small Toilets

Small Toilets are available in wood, vinyl covered, plastic and padded are not just for small people. They're for small spaces. If you're lacking room, a small toilet is the way to go. Your best choice being a round bowl instead of an elongated bowl. Round-front toilets typically extend 25 - 28 inches from the wall while an elongated toilet seat extends 29 - 31 inches. Clearly, there is some room to be saved with small toilets.

As for people of small stature - the standard toilet is actually the preferred size, being an average of 14" high. It is, however, people with disabilities that might find it too low. In cases where the toilet must be elevated, there are raised toilet seats available to raise the height another few inches.

For children who are being toilet trained, Bathroom and Vanities carries training potties and potty training toilet seats.

Take a moment to get some inspiration from these excellent bathroom design ideas. From small bathroom ideas to bathroom spas, youèll enjoy the many ways to decorate your bathroom.

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