All About Bathroom Refinishing – Fix Your Tub, Sink, Tile & More

Are you someone who loves doing your shopping on a budget but wants to get the best quality products out there? Probably someone who aspires to give your home a little tweak and upgrade but does not want to spend too much? From apparel and outfit thrift shopping to doing DIY home improvement projects, I could be just your best clique! Now, relax and sit back because you are in for an enjoyable and a delightful read!

Just to give you a brief backstory on how and why I started this blog – I was doing my usual self-care bathtub soak on a hot summer night about a year ago when I noticed that my bathtub’s appearance is slowly deteriorating. Although I don’t mean it the harsh kind of deteriorating, but I saw that my tub’s divine and pretty looks are fading: there were annoying chips and dents, the paint was starting to vanish and there were discolorations everywhere, gruesome rust and dirt were building up, etc. I looked around the entire bathroom, and found that the same thing was happening to the sink, tiles, and worst – to my beloved vanity countertop. It felt like I had to do something, like I had to give my bathroom its well-deserved revamp with budget as the top consideration. It may sound tiresome and tedious to you if I say that I did it all by myself, but no, since I don’t have all the required skills on this, I opted to hire a bathtub refinishing company to do wonders to my precious, aging tub. They were also kind enough to offer a thorough check, with my permission of course, on other bathroom parts that needed servicing – be it repair, refinish, and reglaze for the sink, tiles, and vanity countertop as well. They gave me a quote and estimate in the needed budget for the services, and tried their best to meet my allotted spending for my bathroom remodelling projects.

Replacing my bathroom fixtures such as my bathtub, sink, tiles, and vanity countertop was totally not an option. Not only that it will eat up so much of my busy working life, it will also take a huge chunk of money. I considered and chose to just do necessary repair and fix up to save some bucks.

Bathtub Refinishing

Bathing and soaking in a bathtub is just one, if not the best, way of treating yourself to some relaxation while rekindling and revisiting the day you just had. The tranquility and peace it gives you while looking at your bath bomb burst into bright tints and hues is fairly incomparable. However, I personally get irked and distracted pretty easily by the littlest of imperfections that my eyes could see. All the chippings, dents, and discolorations whispered like an innocent cherub and told me that it was time for a redo. I reached out to a bathtub refinishing company to have my fixture serviced, and learned for myself while it was all being done. The following are the steps you can follow in a do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing and reglazing.

  • Step 1: Prepare. Hear me when I say prepare; this applies to the workspace, the surrounding surfaces, and yourself. You also have to prepare yourself physically for this project you are about to sign up for. Check the surrounding surfaces, and make sure they are all properly covered. Assess also the ventilation inside your bathroom because you don’t want to work and bathe in sweat. Make sure all possible windows are open while you do the works to let some natural and fresh air into the room.
  • Step 2: Get rid of the caulks. Carefully remove and take off the overflow plate above the bathtub drain. Following that, detach and cut the caulks using a utility knife. After the caulks get loose, use a knife to easily take them off. Some black marks can possibly appear, but there is no need to worry as they can be removed later on. Just make sure to remove all these black marks as they can potentially ruin the very purpose of the reglazing if not washed off.
  • Step 3: Clean the tub religiously. You want to have a clean canvass, I get it; so before you start with the refinishing and reglazing process, thoroughly clean your bathtub first using a cleaning powder and a pad to wipe it down. One pro tip you can take from me: razor scraper is actually a great tool in removing soap suds and debris. Pay attention to the tub’s soap dish too because unwanted soap residues can build up on it. Wash them off with a reliable cleaning sponge. Last but absolutely not the least – the bathtub drain. Take extra caution and check any possible gunk that may clog the drain: hair, soap suds, etc.
  • Step 4: Repair any damage you can spot. When doing bathtub refinishing, you also need to be keen in finding any possible damage. A successful tub refinishing includes a flawless and damageless bathtub. Any annoying damage like chipping, denting, and discoloration must be addressed and fixed. To expedite the fix and repair, carefully line the bottom part of the bathtub with masking paper, and use a utility knife to put on fillers on all the found defects. Give it time to dry completely before sanding.
  • Step 5: Sanding. After the fillers are applied and dried up, it’s time for sanding the bathtub. You can choose between sanding the tub manually or using an electric orbital sander – your choice. However, as for me, I decided to do the work manually for the experience and for the money I could save as I didn’t have an electric orbital sander handy at home. Thoroughly sand the tub and make sure all the surfaces are properly sanded and worked on. Wipe off all leftover dust and debris afterwards and make sure there won’t be anything left on there.
  • Step 6: Mask on! Before you start the refinishing and reglazing procedure, you want to make sure that all surfaces and floorings are safe from unwelcome chemicals. In my case, I put on some masking tape on all parts and sides that could potentially be stained by the reglazing product.
  • Step 7: Time to reglaze. Once you’re done with all the steps, you’re just about ready to apply the reglazing product. Take time on doing this particular step; carefully read the instructions on the label before applying the reglazing chemical on the bathtub. Apply the product deliberately and let it sit and dry for an hour or so to make sure that the product is completely absorbed by the fixture. Allow around 24 hours, and recaulk. Replace the overflow cover, and voila! You’re done with the reglazing process!

Sink and Tile Reglazing

I understand that reglazing your sink and bathroom tiles is the most transformative fix and solution for an ancient and out of the ‘50s peach and yellow-colored pieces of ceramic. There are several terms that can be associated and synonymous with reglazing: resurfacing, refinishing, and repainting as some would refer to it. The process of gaining back the beauty of your dated bathroom tiles can easily be completed by some bathtub refinishing service providers that offer the same help on sinks and tiles. Although getting someone to assist you or do the job for you can be very convenient, it is fairly good to do the work by yourself especially if you want to save money.

Let’s put our focus on your sink and tiles this time. I will give you some tried and proven tips you can do on your own which I did myself personally. Materials needed are also mentioned in the steps.

  1. Make sure the workspace is well-ventilated. It’s very important to have some fresh air coming into the room.
  2. Using soft rags and detergent, wipe both the sink and tiles until they are squeaky clean.
  3. Sanding the ceramic pieces is also a prerequisite prior to reglazing them; sand the entire sink including the surrounding tiles. Clean up any debris by wiping off the surfaces afterwards.
  4. Examine whether there are portions that don’t need to be included in the reglazing process, and cover them with old newspapers before applying the spray primer.
  5. You want to turn on your exhaust fan before spraying the thin coat primer just so the smell of the chemical won’t dominate the entire room.
  6. After applying the primer, you’re now ready to apply the epoxy-based paint on all the surfaces that need to be included. Spray it generously and evenly on all the parts so you can achieve a bubbleless and shiny finish like mine!
  7. Allow some good 8 hours for the painted areas to dry completely. For the last and gleaming coat, apply a polyurethane topcoat on all the desired areas.

See how in just 7 easy-peasy steps you can revive the pristine condition of your sink and tiles – under your own conditions and based on your liking! Now, it should and does not stop there. Your vanity countertop deserves just as much attention as your sink, tiles, and tub!

Vanity Countertop Makeover

There are probably a hundred ways to customize a bathroom vanity countertop, but I will enlist some of the things I did on mine. I initially wanted to replace my vanity mirror, but I didn’t want to shell out money to buy from the mall, and so I looked up some shops on Facebook Marketplace. Luckily I found a stylish mirror for less than ten bucks!

Here are a few easy makeover tips for your bathroom vanity countertop:

  • First step is to classify the aura or the theme that you want to go for. For my countertop, I did go for Old Hollywood. Since the mirror I got has gold frames, I put some bronze figurines on the countertop for display. I scored the figurines from an antique shop for reasonable rates!
  • Repaint! You surely want to change the color of the cabinets to complement the mirror as well as the theme you plan to go for. Since I went for Old Hollywood, I painted the cabinets and the countertop itself all ivory white. Can you picture how the gold-framed mirror, bronze figurines, portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, and the ivory white cabinets complement and match with each other? Opulence!
  • Declutter. Throw away any unnecessary stuff you can find on the countertop and inside each cabinet. Old tissue rolls that you forgot to dispose of, empty shampoo bottles, and whatnot – place them in the trash bin where they belong. Maintain an organized countertop and free it from any clutter because a minimalist countertop contributes a lot in maintaining the tranquil vibe of the bathroom.

Making your bathroom fixtures look brand new and pristine does not always have to mean you have to purchase new ones and replace the old. Sometimes it’s the practicality that has to take over because these days, saving is fundamental! Instead of replacing your bathtub and having to shell out a huge amount for it, try to consider doing bathtub refinishing! Same goes and applies to your sink, tiles, and vanity countertop. You can do a lot of customization in your bathroom; you just have to tickle your imagination a bit and let your creativity flow and take over!

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